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Game Concept

Japanese high school baseball team development simulation game. As a manager, you will train and lead a team of unique players to victory the championship! In the near future that has been transformed by an incident...
  1. Enjoy Data Driven baseball,
  2. The game uses physical calculations for pitching, hitting, and defense, and stores a wealth of pitching and hitting data. In addition, stadium setting AI and prediction AI are already implemented. Enjoy thinking baseball from various hints!
  3. Anywhere, Anytime,
  4. Play in your browser! You can play on any device (PC, Smartphone, Tablet) with no installation required.
  5. With a reasonable playing time.
  6. The required playing time per day is only 5 minutes. There are many challenging elements, but the game is designed to be played quickly.
  7. The environment is equal for all players,
  8. There is no rarity of players, and the total ability value of players is almost the same. Other environments are identical. It all depends on the training policy, your leadership, the chemistry between pitching and hitting, and the condition of the players.
  9. Use your strategy to win The Championship!
  10. The Official Game are held once a month and are a winner-take-all competition. How should you manage your limited strength and resources?

Update History

196試合練習試合リーグ終了のお知らせ2024-05-22 00:14:19
195試合練習試合リーグ開幕のお知らせ2024-05-01 00:00:39
194試合公式戦終了のお知らせ2024-04-30 12:15:29
193試合公式戦開幕のお知らせ2024-04-26 00:29:52
192試合練習試合リーグ終了のお知らせ2024-04-22 00:09:02
191試合練習試合リーグ開幕のお知らせ2024-04-01 00:00:17
190試合公式戦終了のお知らせ2024-03-31 12:06:32
189試合公式戦開幕のお知らせ2024-03-26 00:17:15
188試合練習試合リーグ終了のお知らせ2024-03-22 00:42:08
187試合練習試合リーグ開幕のお知らせ2024-03-01 05:09:53
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Meisyo Another game introduction

名将と呼ばれた者達3(Meisyo3) Meisyo × 3D物理エンジンで、見やすく、取っつきやすくしたゲーム。かわいいキャラが球場を所狭しと駆け巡ります。
Meisyo A game from the perspective of a high school baseball coach, which was the original inspiration for this game.
A high school baseball team development simulation game that can be played in 5 minutes a day and progresses at slow time intervals.

Meisyo+ by Rei-farms.